aboutMarietta Grassroots (MG) was created in 2009 as an outreach program to provide safe, family friendly events and activities with a special focus on showcasing local talent present in Marietta and surrounding communities. Our vision is to build upon and strengthen the foundation of community pride present today and encourage a pay-it-forward attitude. MG is made up solely of volunteers who want to see our community become a better place.

We believe repetitive, positive acts and activities produce positive ripples that radiate outward and transform lives. Our goal is to keep these ripples in constant motion through various activities and events creating waves of kindness, patience and goodwill.

We invite you to join us in our endeavor as we make a difference one event, one activity, and one life at a time.

Marietta Grassroots is a 501c3 non-profit organization. All funds received will be used at the discretion of the Marietta Grassroots Board for purposes consistent with it’s exempt status. Basically, we’re not going to misuse your money, time, gifts, or talents. We think people are pretty awesome, and can do some pretty awesome things – so we won’t abuse your awesomeness.